Codycross Group 937 Puzzle 4 answers

Codycross Group 937 Puzzle 4 answers

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We have already solved this group of grids : Codycross Group 937 Puzzle 4, We give you a list of the solutions to the puzzles in this group. At the moment the game is positioning itself very well as it offers a unique crossword puzzle concept with great graphics.

Codycross Group 937 Puzzle 4 Answers :

Codycross Answers

  • Talkative, loquacious : VOLUBLE
  • The closest planet to the sun : MERCURY
  • Transparent, shatterproof, artificial material : ACRYLIC
  • Statesman who founded Singapore; Stamford __ : RAFFLES
  • Fox Mulder wanted to do this : BELIEVE
  • The brain lobe involved in motor function : FRONTAL
  • Having a baby cow : CALVING
  • Language spoken in the Swiss canton of Grisons : ROMANSH
  • Support, in Sanskrit; using props as bolster : SALAMBA
  • James __; pen name of vet author Alf Wight : HERRIOT
  • Wheel __, use skill to negotiate a transaction : ANDDEAL
  • Coffee substitute associated with New Orleans : CHICORY
  • Oscar-nominated actress in Hotel Rwanda, Sophie __ : OKONEDO

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