Codycross Group 940 Puzzle 2 answers

Codycross Group 940 Puzzle 2 answers

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We have already solved this group of grids : Codycross Group 940 Puzzle 2, We give you a list of the solutions to the puzzles in this group. At the moment the game is positioning itself very well as it offers a unique crossword puzzle concept with great graphics.

Codycross Group 940 Puzzle 2 Answers :

Codycross Answers

  • Celtic language spoken in northwest France : BRETON
  • Day of the Dead festival’s country of origin : MEXICO
  • Group of lines that form a unit of a poem : STANZA
  • Play or TV show designed to make us laugh : COMEDY
  • Punjabi battle; saw charge of 16th Queen’s Lancers : ALIWAL
  • Margaret __, US sex education pioneer : SANGER
  • A style of beard named after a sheep’s cousin : GOATEE
  • Alfred to Bruce; Hobson to Arthur : BUTLER
  • The F in TGIF : FRIDAY
  • Polish composer and pianist of the romantic period : CHOPIN
  • Leaves from the screw pine used in Asian dishes : PANDAN
  • Youngest Crusher from Star Trek: Next Generation : WESLEY

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