Codycross Group 938 Puzzle 2 answers

Codycross Group 938 Puzzle 2 answers

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We have already solved this group of grids : Codycross Group 938 Puzzle 2, We give you a list of the solutions to the puzzles in this group. At the moment the game is positioning itself very well as it offers a unique crossword puzzle concept with great graphics.

Codycross Group 938 Puzzle 2 Answers :

Codycross Answers

  • Gigantic octopus monster from Swedish lore : KRAKEN
  • Goldfinger’s henchman in James Bond novels : ODDJOB
  • Damage scale for tornadoes : FUJITA
  • Extremely violent or forceful : BRUTAL
  • The organ where taste buds can be found : TONGUE
  • Title profession in a 2008 Rainn Wilson movie : ROCKER
  • LEGO 2 song that’s gonna get stuck in your head : CATCHY
  • Edward, US artist of Nighthawks diner scene : HOPPER
  • A small tower on top of a larger tower on a castle : TURRET
  • Special meetings of church councils : SYNODS
  • Tamp down sound : MUFFLE
  • Folded cloth flaps on the front of a formal jacket : LAPELS
  • A feudal tenant : VASSAL
  • Fin located on the back of a shark or whale : DORSAL
  • Chinese variety of tea, neither black nor white : OOLONG
  • Container sometimes holding toy monkeys : BARREL

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