Codycross Group 940 Puzzle 1 answers

Codycross Group 940 Puzzle 1 answers

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We have already solved this group of grids : Codycross Group 940 Puzzle 1, We give you a list of the solutions to the puzzles in this group. At the moment the game is positioning itself very well as it offers a unique crossword puzzle concept with great graphics.

Codycross Group 940 Puzzle 1 Answers :

Codycross Answers

  • Corona __, Southern Crown constellation : AUSTRALIS
  • Synthetic spread used as a replacement for butter : MARGARINE
  • A team that works in harmony has this : CONGRUITY
  • All-in-one overalls, named after a town in India : DUNGAREES
  • 2019 Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber duet : IDONTCARE
  • Piece of magnetized magnetite : LODESTONE
  • Simon Pegg’s frequent on-screen counterpart : NICKFROST
  • Author of James and the Giant Peach : ROALDDAHL
  • Pet whose name is also an unwitting test subject : GUINEAPIG
  • What the Flying Wallendas famously walk on : TIGHTROPE

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